Jeanette didn’t know what to do with her elderly mother, who suffered a stroke a week ago and was preparing to leave the hospital soon. Because of her full-time job and her own family, Jeanette knew she wouldn’t have the time to tend to her mother’s daily needs. All her siblings lived far away and her mother lived alone. The medical social worker at the hospital recommended that Jeanette look into elder care assistance. Jeanette was surprised to learn that elder care assistance was an option and she promised to look into it right away.


Home Care Murray UT

Home Care Murray UT: Helping Family Caregivers


Many adult children are entering into a phase of their lives when they become the family caregiver for their aging parent or other elderly relatives. Because of the demands of their own families, careers and community responsibility, elderly care can be difficult to do. However, when aging relatives can no longer succeed at their necessary daily tasks, the help must come from somewhere. That’s where elder care agencies can help.


An elderly person’s health care needs can change in an instant, and even long-term age-related conditions can prevent someone from being able to take care of themselves completely. An elder care aide can be a vital and important part of an elderly person being able to live independently and still get the help they need. Elder care aides can assist with bathing, hygiene, meal prep, transportation, cleaning, and more. It’s an ideal solution for adult children and their aging parents.


Family caregivers can also work with the elder care agency to find the right people who come into the elderly person’s home as an aide. Aides need to be trained and certified, fully bonded and insured. Some seniors may prefer either male or female aides and may want someone that speaks their native language if possible. Schedules can be customized to fit the elderly person’s needs and the best elder care agency will be able to provide estimates for the cost of each level of care required.

The advantage of hiring a home care agency to provide an elderly person with an elder care aide is immense for busy adult children who cannot take on the role of family caregiver full time. Because there is no one-size-fits-all family, the best elder care agencies offer flexible solutions for every need.


Elderly adults may resist the idea of a stranger coming into their home and interfering with their day. However, most seniors recognize that without an elder care aide, they would probably end up in a long-term care facility or have to move in with an adult child. Most elderly adults like their independence and are not in a hurry to leave their homes. Over time, as they get to know the elder care aides, elderly people generally like the arrangement very much.


When an elderly parent or relative is recovering from an injury, undergoing surgery, or dealing with long-term or chronic conditions due to aging, sometimes the best thing for adult children to do is to hire an elder care agency to step in and assist. Not only does it help the elderly adult, but the family caregiver can then enjoy their time together instead of struggling with an overloaded schedule and unnecessary guilt. Hiring an elder care aide is a winning solution for every family member.


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