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How to Prepare for a Medical Appointment

Family caregivers to seniors often spend a lot of time scheduling medical appointments and taking the senior to them.
Because you spend so much time on medical appointments, it’s important that you get the most out of them. In addition, you want them to go as smoothly as possible. The best way to accomplish both of these goals is for caregivers to help seniors prepare for their medical appointments ahead of time. Below are some tips to help you prepare.


Home Care in Saratoga Springs UT: Prepare for a Medical Appointment

Home Care in Saratoga Springs UT: Prepare for a Medical Appointment


Make a List Before You Go

Seeing a doctor can be a little stressful. It may cause seniors and caregivers to forget some of the things they wanted to talk to the doctor about. To make sure all your concerns are addressed, write them down before you go. Include symptoms you’ve noticed, things that worry you, and any questions you have. Don’t be embarrassed to pull out the list during the appointment. The doctor will probably appreciate your thoroughness and organization, which can make caring for your older family member easier for them as well.


Take Important Items Along

There are some things that caregivers should make sure seniors have when they leave for an appointment, particularly if they are seeing a new doctor for the first time. Some important items to have are:

  • The senior’s insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid card as well as their picture ID.
  • A current list of all medications the senior is taking, including supplements and over the counter medications.
  • A list of the senior’s allergies.
  • Past medical records or a list of doctors the senior has seen in the previous two years.
  • Information about the senior’s family medical history.
  • The senior’s glasses and hearing aids, which will help the senior to better understand the doctor’s advice.
  • Take Notes


Bring a notebook along and take some notes during the visit.

This will help you remember the instructions given by the doctor. In addition, it can help you to keep track of the older adult’s health and be used to give new medical providers a more complete medical history.

  • Bring Something to Do
  • As a caregiver, you may spend a lot of time sitting in waiting rooms. That can get boring. Bring some things along for both you and the senior to do while you wait. Here are some suggestions:
  • Reading materials, such as books and magazines.
  • Crossword puzzle or word search books.
  • Smartphones or tablets.
  • A snack, unless the senior is having tasks that require fasting.
  • A portable handicraft, like knitting or crocheting.

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