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Have You Tried These Unique Ways to Get Your Elderly Mom Active?

Staying active benefits your mom’s health, muscles, bones, and mental state. She may, however, not enjoy being active. Arthritis pain, balance issues, and lowered stamina may keep her from activities you think she’d love.


Home Care Services in South Jordan UT: Getting Your Senior Active

Home Care Services in South Jordan UT: Getting Your Senior Active


Here are some unique ways to get your mom moving.



A fishing trip typically involves a good deal of walking in a river or along the shores, casting the fishing line, and reeling in a fish. It takes a bit of upper body strength when reeling in a large, scrappy fish. At the end of the day, your mom eats what she catches. To reach some hidden fishing spots, a walk through the forest may be needed. All of this helps get your mom moving.


-Disc Golf-

Disc golf is a lot of fun for all ages. It follows the general rules of golf, so it’s easy to learn. The difference is that you throw a disc (think frisbee) into an elevated metal basket or similar goal. It requires arm movements when throwing the disc. It also requires you to walk around the course.


Would a treasure hunt appeal to your mom? Geocaching is a world-wide game where “players” use their GPS systems on their phone to hunt for treasure. When you find it, you sign and date the journal, put the item back, and then move on to the next treasure. It’s a great way to take a hike with the grandkids or family pet.


-Video Games-

You don’t really think of video games as a way to stay active. Buy a Wii for your mom and set it up. Now look for games like bowling, golf, tennis, and boxing. As the games require movement to perform actions, she has to move in order to play.

Wii isn’t hard to use, and it’s a handy way to get your mom and her grandkids spending time together. With a wide range of games available, you’re sure to find things your mom enjoys. With a used system, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on games, controllers, and systems.

Even the fittest senior needs help to complete certain tasks. If you’ve noticed your mom needs help carrying a heavy laundry basket downstairs, look into senior care services. Your mom isn’t supposed to drive because her vision has worsened. Caregivers can drive her to stores, medical offices, and other locations. Learn more about senior care services by calling a home care agency.

Are you or a loved one considering hiring home care services in South Jordan, UT? Please talk to the friendly staff at December Rose Senior Care at Home.
Providing Home Care in Highland, Utah and Surrounding Communities.
801-427-ROSE (7673)

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Alan and Stephanie Jones, Owners

December Rose Senior Care is a local in-home care agency owned and operated by Alan and Stephanie Jones in Highland, Utah. While both Alan and Stephanie bring professional and practical experience to their business, it has been the fulfilling and educational aspects of assisting their parents through the aging process as well as raising their five children that encouraged them to start a personal care agency. In particular it was the humbling experience of caring for a special needs son and moving a parent from in-home care to assisted living that helped them realize there are many families who are caring for loved ones that need help. Their desire is to combine these experiences with over twenty years of medical sales and marketing, eleven years working with senior and elder populations among our Veterans and Native Americans, serving on multiple school boards and local legislative roles, to develop in-home care that exceeds expectations and honors seniors as the foundation of this country.
In their spare time, Alan and Stephanie are all about family and enjoy So. California beach vacations, watching their children’s sporting events, reading, participating in church and community activities, watching favorite shows together, participating in Boy Scouts, running and yoga.