Studies show that thousands of elderly Americans experience a slip and fall every year.

While some of those falls don’t result in any harm, a significant amount lead to an injury, hospital visit and even death. One of the most dangerous rooms in the house for elderly relatives is the bathroom. Family caregivers can do a lot to help their aging loved ones stay safe from slip and fall accidents that take place in the bathroom.


Home Care in South Jordan UT: Boost Bathroom Safety

Home Care in South Jordan UT: Boost Bathroom Safety


Install Grab Bars

For seniors with poor balance, navigating slippery floors and shower/tub floors is difficult. Family caregivers can install sturdy grab bars in the bathing area so elderly adults can keep themselves steady and maintain their balance. Without grab bars, seniors may reach for the towel bar for support, which can only handle a few pounds of weight.

Grab bars should be solidly mounted near the bathing area and near the toilet directly into the wall. Temporary styles or those with suction cups will simply not be good enough to help an aging person when they really need it. The bars themselves should be textured and slip-resistant. Installing grab bars is one of the easiest and best ways to boost bathroom safety for seniors.


Neutralize Slippery Floors

One major reason why bathrooms are so dangerous is that they include wet and slippery floors. From the inside of the tub and shower to the area around the sink and toilet, the bathroom utilizes lots of water that can affect the safety of people of all ages. Family caregivers can put in non-slip flooring strips or mats on the shower and tub floors to provide some traction.

When it comes to getting an elderly relative a shower chair or tub chair, family caregivers should choose the kinds with thick rubberized feet to prevent slipping. Finally, it’s a good idea to remove throw rugs and bath rugs from inside the bathroom as they are tripping hazards.


Hire Elderly Care Providers

One of the best ways to boost bathroom safety is to hire an elderly care provider to assist an aging relative with showering or bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. These professionals can lend a steady hand to seniors as they navigate their morning routines. In addition to providing help in the bathroom, elderly care providers can also keep an eye on seniors throughout the day and take over any tasks that may be dangerous or harmful.

No family caregiver wants to see their aging loved one end up in the hospital due to an injury from a slip and fall accident. They can act right away and boost bathroom safety for their elderly relatives. A few of these simple upgrades and changes can transform a bathroom from a hazard to a safe environment.

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