It might seem unusual for a caregiver to step away from that job for a while, but the stress can be overwhelming. If you’re approaching stress levels that are too high for you to cope with, consider taking a break from caregiving to allow yourself time to heal. 

caregiver in highland UTAccept that it’s Okay to Need Some Time Away 

Making a decision like this is bound to come with a certain amount of guilt on your part. After all, you likely chose to be your elderly family member’s family caregiver because you want the best for her. But you are a human-being and your own needs can’t be ignored forever. It’s okay for you to need to take a step away, whether that’s temporarily or permanently. 

Prepare Your Backup for the Job 

Realistically speaking, you can’t simply drop your duties as a caregiver and wash your hands of the situation. You need to have a backup plan in place and you need to give that person or group the information they need in order to do the job properly. Your backup might be another family member or even home care providers that you prepare for the task. 

Make a Practice Run or Two 

You’ll want to give your backup plan a test run or two before you hand over the reins entirely. Take an afternoon away for a time or two and make sure that everything runs smoothly in your absence. This can also help you to assuage any lingering guilt. Your aging family member will be fine and having a chance to see that for yourself can help you to make the decision much more readily. 

Take the Time that You Need 

Once everything is in place, go ahead and take the time that you need. Stepping back from caregiving doesn’t mean that you’re never going to speak to your elderly family member or care about what happens to her, of course. Make plans to check in regularly and do so at a pace that helps you to do what you need to do. 

Just because you’re taking some time away from being a family caregiver, that doesn’t mean that you’re walking away forever. Knowing that you can go back when you’re ready gives you the space to heal. 

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