Sleep experts make it clear, people are not getting enough sleep. Eight hours is the goal. Less than seven hours is detrimental for most. How close are you to those targets? If you’re lacking in quality hours of sleep, one of these reasons is the likely culprit. All are easy to fix. You don’t have to get through a day providing care while you’re sleepy anymore!


Caregiver in Provo UT: Get Enough Sleep

Caregiver in Provo UT: Get Enough Sleep


#1 – It’s Too Warm

To get a good night’s sleep, your bedroom should not be warmer than 67℉ or colder than 60℉. If it’s warmer than that, your body enters a battle. For sleep to occur, your body’s internal thermostat lowers. If it’s struggling to get the body temperature lower. If it’s too cold, it’s working harder to raise your internal temperature.

If your parents cannot sleep in a cooler house, consider adding a space heater in their room. Your room remains cool enough for a solid night’s sleep, and they have a warmer room. Make sure the space heater is at least three feet from any other item and has an automatic shut-off if it is bumped.


#2 – Your Diet Needs Changing

Caffeine, a full stomach at bedtime, and alcohol all impact your sleep. Laying down when digestion takes place increases the risk of stomach acids working upward and giving you heartburn. Too much caffeine keeps you awake longer. Alcohol makes you sleepy, but it impairs your body’s ability to pass into a state of deep sleep that is vital.

Try to avoid drinking a lot of water right before bed. If you need a drink, stick to small sips. If you drink too much, you’re going to wake in the middle of the night and need to go to the bathroom.


#3 – Sudden Noises Are Disturbing Your Sleep Cycle

If traffic noises, a barking dog, or a neighbor’s car doors interrupt your sleep, there are ways around this. Turn on a floor fan or air purifier. Let the white noise created by that small appliance block out outdoor sounds.

Look for sound-blocking drapes for your bedroom windows. You should also position your bed so that it’s away from windows and exterior walls.


#4 – You’re Stressed

Stress and anxiety impact sleep quality in annoying ways. If you wake in the middle of the night and your mind starts rehashing the things you did or didn’t do, stress is impacting your sleep. Stress is one of the worst interrupters when it comes to sleep.

Learn tools designed to reduce stress. Deep breathing, relaxing sounds like the ocean surf, and certain scents can help relax your mind and body. Use these to help you drift back off to sleep.

Ease some of your stress by hiring senior care aides to help with the care you provide. If you’re trying to fit 12 hours of chores into an afternoon, there’s a lot that won’t get completed. With a caregiver’s help, everything gets done on time. Senior care services can also give you a break for self-care. Call to make arrangements.


Are you or a loved one considering hiring a Caregiver in Provo, UT? Please talk to the friendly staff at December Rose Senior Care at Home. Providing Home Care in Highland, Utah and Surrounding Communities. 801-427-ROSE (7673)

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