Many elderly adults struggle with facing their mortality. As they get older and confront their health issues, they begin to think about a time when they will no longer be around and their family will not have them any longer. This can be very emotional for them, especially when considering the younger generations and those who have not yet been born.


Elder Care in Provo UT: Senior Legacy

Elder Care in Provo UT: Senior Legacy

Your parent may worry that they will be forgotten or that the younger generations will not know about them, the generations before them, and important elements of their family and cultural traditions. Helping your parent to preserve these memories and leave a legacy for your family can be extremely meaningful for them, but also allow you to create treasured items to share with future generations.


Some meaningful ways your senior can leave a legacy for your family include:


Create a cookbook of family recipes. Have your parent write out the recipe in their own handwriting and also include a typed version for easier reading. Include a journal entry for each one that allows your parent to record their feelings and memories about the recipe for future generations. Have your parent make as many recipes as possible and take pictures of them to include.


Have your parent write letters to younger and future generations to give them on important days of their life, such as when they are born, when they graduate, and when they get married. Have the record what they would want to say to these generations, any words of wisdom, and memories from their own milestones.


Create time capsules and instructions for who should take care of them and when they should be opened. Having them set for times in the distant future allows for unborn generations to get a special and meaningful glimpse into current times and your parent’s life.


Make a video or audio recording of your parent talking about themselves, singing a special lullaby or song they love, or reading stories. This can be especially meaningful if they read the same stories or sing the same songs that you enjoyed as a child so that you can share them with future generations.


Work together to create an extensive family tree that includes not just the names of the people but also details about their lives, their medical histories, their education, and their cause of death. All of this information can be meaningful to future generations.


If you have been looking for ways to enhance your aging parents quality of life, now may be the ideal time for you to consider elder care for them. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on the schedule that is right for them, ensuring that they have continued access to the level of care, support, and assistance that will enable them to manage their individual challenges and limitations while still enabling you to manage their care routine. This means that they are able to pursue a lifestyle that is as independent, fulfilling, and healthy as possible while still enjoying a meaningful relationship with you during their later years. As their family caregiver, this can give you tremendous peace of mind knowing that they have everything that they need both when you are with them and when you are not.

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