Caregivers very often report feeling isolated and alone.

If that sounds familiar to you, then finding more connections is vital for you. You need to reconnect with people you love and with your community so that you have an anchor on your caregiving journey.


Caregiver in Provo UT: Connecting as a Caregiver

Caregiver in Provo UT: Connecting as a Caregiver


Reach out to Friends and Family

You might think that friends and family would reach out to you if they weren’t busy or otherwise engaged. But it’s just as likely that they don’t want to bother you. This can especially be true if they know how busy you are as a caregiver. Make it a point to reach out to the people who are closest to you. They can be a significant source of comfort for you when you’re feeling down.


Meet New People

Don’t underestimate the power of meeting new people. They can help you to see situations in a new light and you never know when you’ll meet a new close friend. You can meet new people just about anywhere, but some of the best places are where you’re doing things you love. That way, you’re meeting people with whom you’re more likely to have lots in common.


Volunteer in Your Community

You probably think that you give enough of yourself and your time as a caregiver, and you’re right to a certain extent. It turns out, though, that volunteering in other ways in your community can help you to feel connected to your community as a whole. You might also want to choose volunteer opportunities that are different from caregiving, such as volunteering at schools in the area or at animal shelters.


Join a Support Group for Caregivers

Although you might want to get away from caregiving a bit, meeting other caregivers is really powerful. Caregiver support groups can help you to get in touch with what’s working for you and what isn’t working for you as a caregiver. Many of the people you’ll meet have been where you are and can offer you tools and tips that can make life so much easier for you.

Your relationships with the other people in your life can help you to refill your cup. That’s important as a caregiver because you’re constantly giving to others. You need activities and events that give back to you and that allow you to be there for the people that you love. Make connecting with other people a priority every day.

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