Even though modern technology has the power to connect people with each other all over the world, there are still many people that feel lonely. Elderly adults are most likely to feel loneliness and boredom in their daily lives. Because seniors are facing numerous age-related changes in their lives that lead to greater loneliness, it can significantly impact their physical and mental health. The good news is that elderly people are less bored and less lonely when they receive in-home elderly care.


Elder Care in American Fork UT: Elderly Care Assistance

Elder Care in American Fork UT: Elderly Care Assistance


What Causes Loneliness in Aging Adults

There are lots of factors that contribute to an aging person’s loneliness. One of the biggest reasons is usually due to their health and wellness. Seniors are more likely to struggle with chronic illnesses, diseases and limitations on their mobility. This prevents them from being as active as they once were. They may not be able to drive anymore and friends and events become inaccessible. Age-related conditions like poor hearing, poor vision and communication problems also contribute to lower socializing.

Other factors in senior loneliness include the inevitable loss of friends and family to moving, retirement and death. When elderly adults notice their social circles are shrinking, it can be a real challenge to expand it again and make new friends. Finally, aging adults may be dealing with emotional or mental challenges like depression, dementia or deep grief that affects their motivation to interact with others.


How In-Home Elderly Care Helps Lonely Seniors

-Many family members acknowledge when their elderly relatives may need help around the house as they notice them struggle to complete daily tasks. In-home elderly care services provide professional assistants to come in to cook, clean, and help with grooming and hygiene issues. Just as important, an in-home elder care assistant provides companionship to the aging adult, reducing loneliness and boredom.

-Home care assistants can do a lot to alleviate loneliness. They can engage in deep and meaningful conversations that meet an elderly person’s emotional needs and peak their interest on a number of topics. Seniors and elderly care providers can play games, watch movies and participate in hobbies together like gardening or crafts. A home care assistant can even provide transportation for the elderly adult if they want to visit friends or go to the community senior center for events. Having an in-home elderly care assistant really can make a difference to a lonely senior.

-Of course, an in-home aide is no substitute for family relationships, and members need to put their elderly loved one as a priority for family gatherings, social events and even day-to-day visits. Those family connections become even more meaningful to aging relatives and they should be nourished. However, when it comes to daily interaction and the opportunity to be more social and active, elderly care services can have a big impact on boredom and loneliness.


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