Are you a family caregiver for your aging senior parent or loved one? If so, you probably have felt the burnout, when you are tired and emotional and wondering how in the world you will continue doing all of the things. You are not alone, and we have outlined below some of the ways in which family caregivers just like you can get burned out while caring for their loved one. If you recognize yourself in any of these things, you may consider getting outside help.


Elder Care South Jordan UT: Caregiver Burnout Tips

Elder Care South Jordan UT: Caregiver Burnout Tips


5 ways family caregivers can find themselves getting burned out:


Trying to do too much

This is something that many family caregivers are guilty of, and often it’s because they are the only ones there to help. Many have families and careers of their own, and yet spend most of their time worrying about and helping with the responsibilities of being the sole caregiver for a parent who has health and home needs that have to be met.


Arguing with your senior

When you are the sole family caregiver for your senior parent or loved one, things can get tense for various reasons and you might find that you are arguing with them more than usual. Sometimes the role reversal is enough to cause issues and arguing is the last thing that you need on your already-spilling-over plate.


Medical issues and procedures

Another reason that family caregivers can start to feel the burn out is that they are trying to manage complex medical issues and procedures, even if they don’t feel qualified or equipped to do so. Some seniors have ongoing health problems, serious diseases, and some need daily procedures such as shots, insulin readings, blood pressure monitoring, and more. It’s also important to make sure that they are getting the proper medications at the proper times and in the correct amounts. This can be a lot to manage on top of everything else.


Lack of sleep

Family caregivers often put the well-being of their senior loved ones before their own, and this can lead to late nights and early mornings and an overall lack of sleep. When you are unable to be your best, it is impossible to offer the best care to your loved ones. Sleep is vital to being a healthy, happy, and functioning adult and caregiver.


Not having help

Whether you are an only child, have siblings that live in other parts of the state or country, or have siblings or family that can’t or won’t help, being the lone caregiver for a senior parent can be hard. Sometimes, you need a break so that you can reset and refresh yourself.


Consider hiring a home care company to come in on days or during times that you most need help, to lighten your load and let you enjoy taking time for yourself to catch up on your family, your job, and most importantly, your own health. Because if you aren’t healthy, you cannot be the best caregiver that your parent needs and deserves.

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