Oil glands don’t produce as much oil as you age.
It can lead to very dry, itchy skin that only worsens when you add in other factors. A warm, dry house can dry the skin just as much as a bitter wind chill can. Drinking too little water is another issue.


Elderly Care in South Jordan UT: Winter Skin Care Tips

Elderly Care in South Jordan UT: Winter Skin Care Tips


Generally, dry skin is not a health concern.
It can, however, be a problem if your dad itches his skin so much that it develops sores that could become infected. It can also lead to eczema flare-ups. For this reason, it’s important for your dad to take care of his skin in the winter.


Protect the Skin Against Cold Winds and Sun

The sun feels great on a cold winter’s day, but it can damage the skin. If your dad plans to be outside for more than 10 minutes, he needs to wear sunscreen.

He should also cover up as much skin as possible. A thick scarf and hat will help. Some of the more delicate areas of skin on the face are the lips, eyelids, and forehead. On very cold days, he must limit his time outside.


Moisturize All the Time

After a shower, your dad needs to put on moisturizer. A non-scented cream is ideal. By adding a moisturizer, he’s trapping as much water in his skin cells as possible. Cetaphil is one brand that doesn’t add scent or unnecessary ingredients that can irritate skin. Many organic brands or virgin olive oil are also great moisturizers with no unnecessary dyes or perfumes.


Don’t Forget Lip Care

Lips easily chap in the winter. Before he goes out and throughout the day, he should apply a lip balm. When he is outside, he needs to avoid licking his lips. That can make them dry out and crack.


Could Dehydration Be Causing Dry Skin?

If your dad doesn’t drink enough, his skin will be more prone to dryness. Make sure he’s drinking a small glass of water every hour or two. If he forgets when he last had a glass of water, there are water bottles that emit beeps or flashlights when it’s time to drink another 8 ounces.

Does he struggle with reaching enough of his body to apply skin moisturizers? Caregivers also help your dad keep his skin moisturized and healthy. Caregivers can remind him to drink another glass of water or help him cover his skin with moisturizer after a shower. Call an agency to talk about personal care and reminder services.

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