Has your elderly relative been complaining to you, other family members or an elder care assistant that they are having a hard time getting comfortable in bed? It’s not uncommon for seniors to struggle with feeling pain, pressure or discomfort when trying to fall asleep. While our beds are supposed to be a place where we can rest and relax, for seniors it isn’t always that easy. Poor circulation, back pain, swelling and more can make trying to get to sleep difficult at best. If you want to help your elderly relative, consider some bed positioning aids to help them get more comfortable.

Bed positioning aids are shaped foam supports that are firm enough to resist body pressure yet soft enough to feel comfortable. They come in many different shapes so that they can conform to the parts of the body where they are needed.


Home Care Services in Herriman UT: Senior Bed Positioning Aids

Home Care Services in Herriman UT: Senior Bed Positioning Aids


Here are 5 of the most common bed positioning aids:


1. Wedge Pillow
This firm foam supported is triangle-shaped and is designed to elevate the upper body or lower body, whichever is needed. Of course, a regular pillow can be used on top of it for further comfort. The wedge pillow can alleviate neck or shoulder pain, help with acid reflux or respiratory issues and relieve pressure in the back and hips.


2. U or V Pillow
As the name implies, a U or V pillow has a unique shape that hugs the body from behind. It provides neck and back support as well as arm support. It can be used in the bed or even in a chair for additional support.


3. Knee Raiser
With its sloped block shape, the knee raiser supports and relaxes the knees and lower legs. It is often paired with the body wedge to provide a comfortable reclining position without lying flat. When an elderly person’s legs are raised at the knee, they can find relief from sore knees and reduce tingling and numbness. Raised lower legs may also reduce any tension in the lower back.


4. Leg and Knee Pillow
This is a contoured foam pillow that fits between the knees to space them apart when the elderly person is side sleeping. It keeps the body aligned, avoiding the strain on the lower back, knees, and hips that usually results.


5. Bed Support Bolsters
This bed positioning aid is a flat pad that goes underneath the elderly person, with inclined foam wedges on either side. It’s helpful to prevent rolling out of bed or providing support for those that like to sleep on an angle. The wedges are always in place so they won’t slide around like a body pillow might. Using this kind of full body support can help relieve tension in the back and hips.


While your elderly relative may have other issues that are preventing them from sleeping, if they feel that their comfort levels are interfering with a good night’s rest, then bed positioning aids may help out. Most of these kinds of bed positioning aids can be purchased online or at medical supply stores. Then, you, a family member or an elder care assistant can help the elderly person adjust the supports in their bed when they are ready for a nap or for some restful sleep.


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