Once you’ve addressed general safety for your senior after a dementia diagnosis, it might be time to look at the more specialized safety concerns she might have.

Home Health Care in Lehi UT: Dementia Safety Considerations

Home Health Care in Lehi UT: Dementia Safety Considerations


Secure Chemicals, Medications, and Cleaning Products

As your elderly family member’s judgment becomes less reliable, she may not remember that it’s dangerous to drink or to interact with certain chemicals or cleaning products.  And some medications are extremely dangerous if your elderly family member thinks that she should be taking them at a different time or that she hasn’t taken them at all.  Securing all of these types of items helps to keep them out of your aging adult’s line of sight, which can keep her from accidentally ingesting something she shouldn’t.


Reconsider Guns or Other Weapons in the House

In the past, your senior may have been the biggest proponent of gun or weapon safety.  But now, dementia has made changes to her brain.  In order to help keep everyone in the household as safe as possible, you might want to reconsider having these items at all.  If you still want to keep them, make sure that you secure them in a gun safe or other locking cabinet or storage spot.


Check Water Temperatures

Water temperature is something that caregivers often forget until an accident occurs.  The problem is that the hot water heater is normally set to a decent setting, but your aging adult has changes happening in her brain.  She may forget that she needs to turn on both the hot and the cold water in order to mix or adjust the temperature.  Regardless, turning down the water temperature can reduce the risk of severe injury.


Move Locks or Install Backup Locks

For aging adults who are prone to wandering, having secure exterior doors can reduce that risk somewhat.  Try moving the locks on exterior doors so that they’re in an unfamiliar place.  Another option that can help is to install an additional set of locks either at the top or bottom of the door to serve as an additional layer of security.

Having experienced elderly care providers on hand can help you to work through these more unique types of problems with your aging adult.


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