When you notice that your elderly parent is getting to a point where you and other family members will need to step up and become caregivers, it’s time to sit down with them and discuss what they want as they age. That’s not an easy conversation to have but it is necessary. Speaking with your parents about their future care helps you to plan for your role as a caregiver and still follow their wishes. If you’re struggling with how to talk to your parents about aging, below are some tips to help you get started.


Senior Care in Saratoga Springs UT: Senior Care Discussions

Senior Care in Saratoga Springs UT: Senior Care Discussions


Address the Important Points

When you discuss getting older with your parents, making sure you hit some important parts of ensuring a good quality of life is essential. Some important points you need to cover are:

  • Safety
  • Independence
  • Peace of mind
  • Connections
  • Choices

Stress that allowing caregivers to help them will enhance all these areas of life. For example, explain how having a caregiver lets them retain more independence because it prevents them from having to move into an assisted living facility.


Talk About End-of-Life Wishes

This can be one of the most uncomfortable parts of the discussion because no one wants to think about their mortality. However, it’s a good idea for family caregivers to talk with parents about these matters while they are still healthy and able to express their wishes. Having this discussion takes the pressure off of caregivers because they won’t have to try to guess what their parent would want. It is a good idea to have this information made official by completing a living will and other legal documents.


Be Respectful Throughout the Conversation

Although aging can cause a role reversal when the adult child becomes a caregiver, it’s important to remember that this is your parent you are talking to and to remain respectful. If you treat your parent like a child, they are likely to resent the conversation and refuse to talk about it. Give your parent the opportunity to speak and make it clear that you are listening to them. Think about what it might be like to be in their shoes and how you might feel one day when your old children start this same conversation with you.


Involve Siblings

If you have siblings, be sure to invite them to join in the conversation. The same goes for other family members who have an interest in your parent’s care and are potential caregivers. Leaving others out will cause resentment. In addition, it’s important that everyone be on the same page in your parent’s care.


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