Exercise is incredibly helpful for your aging adult, but it’s even better if she’s remembering to stay safe.


Caregiver in Lehi UT: Senior Exercise Safety

Caregiver in Lehi UT: Senior Exercise Safety


Here are some big ways for her to do that.

Keep a Phone or Personal Alarm on Her

Having a phone or even a personal alarm on your senior at all times gives her a way to reach out for help if and when she needs it. Even if your senior doesn’t like the idea of having a cell phone, she doesn’t have to have a fancy one. An old flip phone that still holds a charge may be all she needs, even if it’s not connected to a calling plan because it can still dial 911.

Let Other People Know What She’s Doing

Whether it means that your elderly family member leaves a note on the counter or she calls you to tell you her plans for exercising, it’s important that someone knows what’s up. While this can feel a little bit like checking in, it’s more about using common sense.

Take an Exercise Buddy with Her

Having an exercise buddy can make you feel more confident about your senior exercising, but it can also help her to have a more fun time working out than doing so alone. If she has a friend who wants to walk more, this is a great way for them to both have a better experience. But keep in mind that home care providers can be great exercise buddies, too.

Know When to Rest and When to Keep Moving

Understanding her own limitations and when to keep pushing and when it’s time to rest are essential for your elderly family member. Talk with her doctor about what kinds of signs she needs to watch for so that she can be as prepared as possible.

Wear the Right Clothing

The right clothing helps your aging adult because she’s dressed for the weather and the activity, but it can also be a safety consideration. Reflective clothing is incredibly helpful at dusk or dawn, for example. Stock up on weather-appropriate clothing, too, especially if your senior would prefer to exercise outdoors.

Having a plan for including safety in her workouts can help your senior remember what to do, no matter what types of exercise she enjoys.


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