Did you know that it’s possible to get to a better mood simply by inhaling certain fragrances?

It’s true.

Many studies show that our brains react positively to a number of aromas, triggering areas that regulate our emotions. This practice is known as aromatherapy and it should be of particular interest to caregivers who are responsible for an elderly relative. Using certain aromas may actually help elderly people feel happier, more relaxed and less stressed. Even caregivers can benefit from some aromatherapy.


Senior Care in American Fork UT: Aroma Therapy For Seniors

Senior Care in American Fork UT: Aroma Therapy For Seniors


What is Aromatherapy?

More than 5,000 years ago, Egyptians used spices and extracts in incense, bath oils, massage oils, candles and to embalm their dead. Throughout the centuries, people noticed many different behavioral benefits from a range of plants and their parts. Aromatherapy today is the practice of using plant extracts to affect people physically and mentally. While aromatherapy is not the cure-all that many oil companies would have you believe, there is some strong science that backs up the connection between scents and the brain.

In fact, our sense of smell (olfactory) is so tied to our brains that smelling something can instantly trigger long-ago memories, often from childhood. For centuries, people have experimented with extracting fragrances from leaves, flowers, wood and more to create aromas that help relax the body, reduce stress, feel more romantic or sleep easier.


How Aromatherapy Can Help Seniors

Elderly people are at a greater risk of experiencing anxiety and depression than almost any other age group. They are also dealing with a lot of stress, from loss of loved ones to medical issues to reduced mobility and independence. Even small things such as losing their eyesight, using a cane, getting a senior care assistant to help them or having surgery for age-related illnesses can make an aging loved one depressed and anxious. Aromatherapy may be a wonderful compliment to a comprehensive plan to boost their mood and help them find more happiness.


Here is a list of aromas that are closely associated with
making people feel happier and reducing stress and anxiety:



Bay laurel



Roman chamomile















Ylang Ylang


There are several different ways that seniors can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. There are diffusers and spritzers that put the scent into the air, or sachets and potpourris. Scented candles, massage oils, lotions and more can also bring in relaxing scents that can boost the mood and reduce stress. You should always check with a doctor before letting a senior care aide or yourself apply oils or extracts topically to the elderly person.

Family caregivers have a lot of responsibility when taking care of their elderly relatives. It’s hard to help them manage their emotions and to keep their spirits up as they face challenges related to aging. In a small way, aromatherapy may help elderly people tap into that part of the brain that helps regulate emotions. Anything that can help elderly people feel better about themselves and their life is a good thing, and aromatherapy may provide an additional way to feel better.


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