Dylan and Elizabeth were married for 50 years. They were high school sweethearts who never had any doubt they would end up together. They raised five wonderful children, shared in their joys and some tragedies, and never questioned their commitment to one another. When Dylan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 68, it seemed as though they had been robbed of so many wonderful opportunities.


Home Care Services in Herriman UT: Dementia Challenges

Home Care Services in Herriman UT: Dementia Challenges


Elizabeth became his primary caregiver, without a second thought.

Even though Elizabeth was still relatively strong and healthy at 67, as the disease progressed, she began to notice just how challenging it was to be a caregiver for somebody with dementia. The reminders were okay, but his confusion would get to both of them.

He started wandering off, getting stuck somewhere, not remembering why he went to the basement or the garage or outside. Elizabeth had to start watching him every day, almost all day long. She no longer spent any time with her friends. She didn’t go shopping. She didn’t trust leaving him alone.

Then, some of the things he said stung.

They were some hurtful things. They were mean. They were vindictive. And even though Elizabeth had been told by their doctor to expect some of this and to be prepared and know it wasn’t personal, that didn’t help. It made her want to stop helping him. She didn’t want to care about him anymore. Yet, she did.

For Elizabeth and so many others like her, being a caregiver is going to create a tremendous amount of stress. A lot of that stress is going to come in ways people just don’t anticipate or expect. It’s far better to be as prepared as possible and have the right kind of help on hand when that other senior begins progressing through the middle and later stages of dementia.

For some of these caregivers, help is available.

In fact, it’s available for almost every family caregiver out there. A lot of these men and women turn to friends and family for support, but home care agencies have some of the most experienced and dedicated caregivers available. These home care aides can work with an elderly client diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia for just a couple of hours at a time.

Through an agency, flexibility is possible and that means someone can start working with a caregiver one or two days a week and then increase that as the disease progresses. As time will increase the level of stress a person experiences, they need to seriously consider every resource available, of which home care is one of the best.

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