Elderly Care in Lehi UT: Nerve Damage From A Traumatic Brain Injury

Elderly Care in Lehi UT: Nerve Damage From A Traumatic Brain Injury

If you are a family caregiver for an elderly adult who has recently suffered a fall or other accident, it is likely that traumatic brain injury has been something that has been on your mind.  TBI is a leading cause of both disability and death throughout the United States, impacting all age groups.  Unfortunately, this condition is most common among seniors and can lead to injuries that have a long-lasting and potentially devastating effect.


One such long-lasting effect could be nerve damage.

There are many types of damage that can occur to the nerves at the base of your parent’s brain, referred to as cranial nerves, as a result of TBI.  Some of the types of nerve damage and the effects that can happen as a result include:

• Swallowing problems

• Loss of vision

• Paralysis of facial muscles

• Issues with the sense of smell caused by damage to these particular nerves

• Loss of sensation in the face

• Double vision and other problems with vision caused by damage to the nerves that control eye function

This nerve damage can make a tremendous impact on your parent’s functioning and their quality of life.

If you notice that your senior is dealing with such issues, it is vital that you talk to their doctor about them.  This allows them to give you recommendations for how you can help your parent to cope with these and what they can do to avoid complications and issues associated with them, such as increased fall risk and other dangers.

If you have been looking for ways that you can boost your parent’s quality of life and ensure that they get all of the care and attention that they need as they age in place, starting elder care may be an ideal solution.  An elderly home care services provider can fill any care gaps that exist in the care that you give to them.  This means that whether you are unable to fulfill all of your parent’s needs due to distance, scheduling conflicts, and time restraints, or your own personal challenges and limitations, you can rest assured that they will still get the support, care, and assistance that they need at all times.  This can help them to stay happy, healthy, comfortable, and happy while pursuing a lifestyle that is as active, fulfilling, and independent as possible as they age in place.


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