Home Care Services in Orem UT: Middle Stages of Alzheimer's

Home Care Services in Orem UT: Middle Stages of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease creates so many new situations for your elderly family member. In the middle stages, some of her behavior may change and seemingly simple tasks can become difficult and even impossible. This can be frustrating for an elderly family member who has always been independent. If you know what to expect, you can help your aging adult to prepare for the changes coming her way.


Her Behavior Might Change

Behavior changes can be the most difficult part of Alzheimer’s disease for your aging family member and for the rest of your family. It can feel as if you don’t know your aging adult any longer and she may not realize that she’s changed. The behaviors may vary and be unpredictable, which can make them even more upsetting.


Communication Becomes More Difficult

Your elderly family member might find it difficult to find the right words or to understand what is being said to her. Following conversations with other people can become quite the task for her, too. If reading is still possible for your elderly family member, you can try leaving her notes. Some aging adults have difficulty with reading, even in the early middle stages of the disease.


She Might Have to Stop Driving

Driving involves complicated thought processes and making some big decisions, sometimes very quickly. For an aging adult with Alzheimer’s disease, this might be impossible to do. When that happens, driving is no longer a safe activity. Some aging adults adapt well to this, but many more find out that this is a blow to their independence that is difficult to manage.


Daily Tasks Can Become More Difficult

In years past, your aging family member might not have given a second thought to eating, getting dressed, and taking a shower. With her Alzheimer’s disease progressing, however, these tasks may not be nearly as easy as they once were. Having extra help from you or from elder care providers can be a tremendous help.

In the end, safety is the biggest concern for you at this stage of your elderly family member’s illness. Hiring home care providers can help you to both feel more comfortable, especially when you need to be away.


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