What is the ‘sandwich’ generation?
This basically defines people who are trying to take care of an aging parent as well as their own children. They are stuck between two different age groups who rely on them for assistance, care, and other basic needs. It can be extremely difficult for this sandwich generation to cope, especially when there seems to be no relief in sight.

Home Health Care in Orem UT: ‘Sandwich’ Generation

Home Health Care in Orem UT: ‘Sandwich’ Generation


Why is home care a great option?

An experienced home care aide isn’t going to be hired to take care of children, but they can certainly look after an elderly individual or even an adult who has been injured or is recovering from some type of emergency or surgery. They can provide a wide range of supports and through an agency, they certainly don’t need to be hired for around-the-clock care.

For example, as women comprise the majority of the caregivers in the United States (Forbes), if a mother was taking care of her kids and her own mother was suddenly having difficulty getting around the house, she could call on the support of a home care aide for a couple of days a week. She may be able to handle a lot of the situations on her own, but maybe Tuesdays and Thursdays give her extra frustration because of work or some other situation going on.

This home care aide can take care of her mother.

In this type of example, a home care aide can be hired to stop by this woman’s mother’s house in the morning, assisting her with getting ready for the day. Maybe her mother is not exactly comfortable having her daughter help her get into and out of the shower and get dressed. It may have created an awkward situation for them.

That home care aide can relieve the stress and discomfort from this situation.

The caregiver may even be able to help prepare a meal, sit down and have a conversation, play games, or even take this elderly woman to a doctor’s appointment or to do some shopping. While the sandwich generation struggles to keep up with everything they need to do in their own life, home care aides are a great asset.

No one needs to choose between their own children and an elderly parent or another individual who needs their help. When they turn to the support that home care agencies offer, they can remain diligent to their primary responsibilities while resting comfortably in the knowledge their parent or other individual is safe and being cared for properly.

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