Being a family caregiver may be one of the best things that you’ve ever done, but it can also cause you quite a bit of personal pain. Taking care of your aging adult can sometimes mean that you become overwhelmed with the demands of your own life.


Homecare in Saratoga Springs UT: Caregiver Well-Being

Homecare in Saratoga Springs UT: Caregiver Well-Being


You’re Putting Important Decisions off Indefinitely

It’s important for you to remember that in addition to caring for your elderly family member, you have your own life, too. If you’ve been putting off important decisions that you need to make for yourself or you’ve been simply ignoring them, that’s dangerous for you. Address important issues quickly so that your needs are met.


Chores and Tasks for Your Own Life Are Piling Up

You’re probably already aware that seeing your aging family member’s bills, tasks, and household chores piling up can be a sign that she’s having trouble. Believe it or not, the same is true for you. Take a good look at your own situation and determine if you’ve been letting those items pile up. Tackle them now and get caught up.


You’re Feeling a Mix of Paralyzing Emotions

So many of the emotions that you might feel as a caregiver can be paralyzing for you, especially when they show up together. Feeling helpless, confused, or even hopeless about your situation can keep you from taking action when you really need to do so. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, find a way to break through that barrier. One excellent way is by talking with an experienced counselor or therapist whom you trust.


You’ve Developed Conflicts or Gaps in Your Relationships

Your own personal relationships are your support network. These people that you love and care about may be the same people that suddenly rub you the wrong way or that you feel don’t understand you and your situation. Do what you can to repair those relationships. Often taking care of yourself better can help you to see where those gaps and conflicts are, making them easier to fix.

These types of signs are a strong indication that you need to take some respite time for yourself. Hire elderly care providers or ask other family members to step in while you take care of yourself.


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