If you’ve been avoiding joining a support group for family caregivers, you might have wondered just what these groups could do for you. The truth is that they can do quite a bit for you through meeting all of the other members of the group. The more that you learn, the more that you grow as a caregiver.


Caregiver in Orem UT: Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver in Orem UT: Caregiver Support Groups


-Listen to You Vent

As a family caregiver, you may not feel as if many of the people in your life are really listening to you. In some situations, they may not understand fully what you deal with on a daily basis. Other family caregivers, however, know exactly what you’re facing every day because they’re in the same boat. When you vent to them, they understand completely.


-Share Their Stories with You

Part of how people learn about new situations is through the experiences of other people. When you listen to other caregivers sharing their stories, you learn about how you might handle certain similar situations. They may also share some of the mistakes they’ve made while being caregivers and those can be immensely valuable.


-Confirm that You’re Not Alone

Caregiving can often feel like a very lonely occupation. You may not have many people to talk to who aren’t medical professionals, so it feels much better to have confirmation that you’re not completely alone.


-Show You How to Be an Advocate for Your Aging Adult

One part of caregiving that you might not realize is incredibly important is that you’re an advocate for your elderly family member. You’re there to take care of her, of course, and part of that means standing up for her in situations that she can’t do so for herself. Learning to do this properly takes time, but other support group members can shorten your learning curve.


-Become Your Friends

Over time, through sharing your stories, triumphs, and struggles with each other, you and other support group members may become good friends. This gives you an extra layer of support when you really need it the most.

Whether you join an in-person support group or an online support group, you can get the same benefits from the other members that you find there.


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