Are you looking for games your mom and dad and kids will enjoy together?

Sometimes, it helps to think outside of the box. You can take many sports and create backyard versions for all ages.


Senior Care in Orem UT: Three Unique Games

Senior Care in Orem UT: Three Unique Games


Here are some unusual games that both generations will love.

#1 – Disc Golf

Disc golf is growing in popularity. Take the game of golf and use a frisbee and your arm instead of a golf club and ball. The goal is to fling the disc into the disc golf target. Bring your parents and kids to a local course or set something up at home for hours of fun.

On a professional course, the target is usually a basket made from chains that sits at the top of a stake. At home, you could set up a course using 5-gallon buckets. You can also buy disc golf sets at many retailers and online stores.


#2 – Pickleball

Pickleball is a unique sport that is a cross of table tennis and badminton. Your parents can play it on a tennis court if there’s one nearby. If there isn’t, a flat driveway or patio will suffice.

Players volley a lightweight ball over a net using paddles. You can use table tennis paddles and a whiffle ball. For the net, a badminton net works. If you don’t have that, a piece of rope dividing the driveway or patio will suffice. The goal is to keep the ball in play.

To score, you want your opponent to miss the ball or hit the ball out of bounds. Typically the game is played until one team has 11 points. At home, you don’t have to adhere to professional rules and can set the score to whatever everyone prefers.


#3 – Lawn Bowling

Bowling has been around for decades. Games like bocce have also been popular. There’s an easy way to create a backyard game that will appeal to fans of bowling and bocce. Collect some empty 2-liter bottles and fill them with water. Set them up in a triangle.

Using a soccer ball or something that size, roll it across the yard towards the bottles. See how many you can knock over. The water in the bottle adds weight that makes it hard for them to tip over if there’s a breeze.

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