There’s a lot that goes into maintaining quality of life for your senior. Her health and other variables may try to throw wrenches into the works.


Home Health Care in Saratoga Springs UT: Senior Quality of Life

Home Health Care in Saratoga Springs UT: Senior Quality of Life


Nutrition and Exercise

Your senior’s nutrition makes a huge impact on her quality of life. That’s fuel for her body, so it needs to be the best possible fuel that she can get. She also needs a certain amount of exercise in order to keep her body as strong as possible. Your senior’s doctor can help you to determine what foods are best for her and what types of exercise are right. A balance between the two is important.


Maintaining Her Health

Even with the right nutritional and exercise plans, your senior may have chronic health issues that she needs to manage. Having a high quality of life means that she’s paying attention to these health issues and doing what she can in order to stay as healthy as possible. Her doctor can help her to outline a plan for doing this properly.


Getting Quality Sleep

Sleep is another big part of the quality of life equation. If your senior isn’t getting enough quality sleep, she’s going to feel sluggish and might not have the energy she needs during the rest of her day. Good sleep hygiene is the first step in helping your senior to sleep well. That means she needs to go to bed and wake up around the same times each day in order to get onto a good schedule.


Social Supports

Your senior’s support system is made up of you and of other people who care about her. All of these various friends and family members help her to feel less isolated and alone. If she’s not spending time around these people, though, your senior may feel more depressed or anxious than she has to feel.


Continuing to Feel Independent

Your senior may need help throughout the day, both from you and from other people, but she can still feel independent. Having help from home care providers doesn’t mean that she can’t do things. It just means that their help keeps her safe and ensures that she has what she needs. All of that can help her to maintain a higher quality of life overall.

As your senior’s caregiver, a lot of your time is spent doing whatever you can to make sure that she’s got the best quality of life possible. This can mean making lots of small changes here and there to tweak her lifestyle in the best ways you can.


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