Many family caregivers find that they meet resistance when they suggest setting up regular family meetings about their elderly family member’s care. When you can give them solid reasons for holding these meetings, then they’re likely to go that much smoother.

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Caregiver Orem UT: Family Meetings

You Can Solve Problems Together

It’s pretty tough to solve every problem completely on your own. And as your elderly family member’s family caregiver, it can get exhausting quickly. So it helps to be able to bounce problems off of other family members and see what they think might be helpful as a solution. Multiple heads are far better than one and you might get more help than you think you will. Don’t be afraid to bring problems to the meeting because you’re not expected to have all the answers all the time.

You Have Information to Share

Another big reason to hold family meetings is that you may have some information that you need to share with the rest of the family. These types of meetings often concern health updates for your aging adult or concerns with her safety. For example, if you’re needing to make repairs to her home, you might want to call a family meeting to share what you know and what you need from there/

Everyone Has Opinions

Reality is that even if your other family members aren’t able to help as much as you want them to help, they probably all have opinions. Giving them a chance to share those opinions can help them to feel as if you’re hearing them. You may learn some things that you may not have thought about and your family members may start to understand more about why you can’t do some things the way they might think is best.

It’s a Way for Everyone to Pitch In

Family meetings are a great time for you to break out your task list and figure out who can help out with which tasks. Talking to the group keeps you from having to track everyone down individually later. This also helps other family members to start to understand just how much you do and how grateful you are when someone is able to help out, even in small ways.

Make sure that you’re able to avoid distractions and have home care providers available to help your elderly family member. That way you can concentrate fully on the meeting and what happens there.

Excerpt: Some of your other family members may not understand the importance of family meetings. Here are just a few of the reasons you might want to schedule one.

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