Senior Care in Provo UT: Senior Exercise and COPD

Senior Care in Provo UT: Senior Exercise and COPD

Always check with your senior’s doctor to make sure that they are able to exercise before you and she jump into a new exercise program.  This is especially true if your loved-one has COPD and is getting started with an exercise plan to help her grow stronger.


If your aging adult isn’t already walking for exercise, it’s not too late.  All she needs is a pair of supportive shoes and a willingness to take her time. Your aging parent doesn’t even have to go outside.  Walking during commercial breaks can provide just enough of a workout on rainy days or for senior’s who really need to stay in a controlled environment.


Bicycles are low impact and they can really get your parent’s heart and lungs going.  If she’s not comfortable on a “real” bicycle, look into using a stationary bike.  She’ll still get a super workout, but she’ll also be able to take all the time she needs.

Tai Chi

Tai chi has been around for hundreds of years.  It’s technically a martial art, but it involves using slow, gentle movement in flow.  It’s a great type of exercise for people with COPD because it teaches breathing control.  This is also fantastic if your loved-one needs to learn how to relax.


Yoga is wonderful for helping your aging parent to stretch her muscles and joints without overpowering her heart and lungs.  Like tai chi, yoga can also help your senior family member to learn how to breathe in ways that keep her calm and help her to get the oxygen that her body needs.

Lifting Weights

Lifting weights might seem like an odd exercise for your elderly family member to take up, but you would be amazed what light weight lifting can do for them.  She’ll be able to pick up items much more easily, for starters, but having stronger muscles also enables her body to start using oxygen more efficiently.

Water Exercises

Exercise performed in water, whether it’s water aerobics or simply swimming, is wonderful for your senior.  There is zero impact to her joints and she doesn’t have to worry about falling.  The resistance from water also helps her to build muscles much more rapidly.
If transportation is a concern, consider hiring senior care providers to help out.  Your elderly family member can then focus on her workout without having to worry about anything else.


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