As Thanksgiving approaches, everyone’s thoughts are turning to the things in life for which they are most grateful. Family, friends, a safe home, and the bounty of the feast is always at the top of the list, but what about your role as a family caregiver? Have you ever stopped to consider being thankful for this opportunity? This year as you are preparing to sit down with the family to celebrate Thanksgiving, take some time to consider your role, and how it has changed your life. Feeling grateful for this time with your parent, and for your ability to care for them, might just bring extra meaning to your care role even after the holidays come to a close.


Senior Care in Orem UT: Being Thankful This Thanksgiving

Senior Care in Orem UT: Being Thankful This Thanksgiving


Some of the reasons to feel thankful for your care role this Thanksgiving include:

-The quality time you get to spend with your aging parent

-The wonderful memories you’ve been able to make with them that you will cherish for years to come

-The memories you’ve gotten to relive over and over with them by talking about years past

-Your ability to give back to them for the love and care they gave you as you were growing up

-Your ability to ensure they have the quality of life you know they deserve

-The fact that being a caregiver is confirmation of your physical ability to provide this care, and the health and strength you have every day

-The lessons this role is providing for your children, and what they will carry away from it and bring into their adulthood

-The strong relationship between your children and your parent that has been reinforced by the extra time they’ve gotten to spend together

-What you’ve learned from your parent during this time, such as new skills or recipes

-What you’ve learned about your parent during this time, which gives you greater insight into them as a person, their life experiences, and how they have shaped you

-What you’ve learned about other family members you might not have known well, or at all. The stories your parent shares with you gives you a stronger sense of yourself, your heritage, and the family you have continued with your children


Having home care as a part of your Thanksgiving celebration can make a huge difference to your aging parent, and to you.

Being a family caregiver for your parent means always worrying about their needs, and wanting to make sure they are safe, healthy, and enjoying themselves. This might mean you get distracted and focus completely on your parent’s care rather than on quality time with your parent, and with the rest of the family.

An in-home senior care services provider can relieve that. This care provider acts as a support system during the celebration. Your parent can feel confident their care needs will be met on their usual schedule, and that any extra needs will be handled promptly and effectively. This can be as simple as providing conversation and emotional support to a senior who feels anxious or helping them fill their plate, or as extensive as assisting with eating, providing toileting support, and bringing your parent to another area of the home or to their house if they get overwhelmed by the celebration. The personalized services ensure your parent, and you, have the best holiday possible.


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